Community Marine Biology Program

A science mentorship program connecting youth with the wonders of marine biology through the study of benthic meiofauna, supervised by Dr. Elaine Humphrey. Through this engaging place-based curriculum, community members are learning to apply the scientific method through field surveys and up-close encounters with tiny marine animals, availed by techniques in advanced microscopy.



Project Initiated July 2020

Current status: Ongoing



Elaine Humphrey | Advanced Microscopy Facility (UVic)

Arjan van Asselt, Andrew Simon, Mark Webber | IMERSS Labs

Emily Adamczyk | UBC

Susan van Asselt, Austin Baines, Laura Colwell, Rhys Hutton, Lauren Magner

Thank you to Hitachi High-Tech Canada Inc. for providing the Hitachi TM4000 Desktop Scanning Electron Microcope (SEM) for exploratory work on this project.