20/20 Vision on Plant Extirpation

This project aims to establish a novel protocol for the detection of species extirpation, drawing on historical baseline data and contemporary citizen science observations recorded on the Biodiversity Galiano project using iNaturalist. After five years of extensive community-based search efforts, we have identified 14 vascular plant species that are at risk of extirpation from Galiano Island. Through targeted search efforts covering historical collection sites and suitable habitat, this project will test the potential for citizen science to detect ecological changes and inform conservation strategies with reference to historical baseline information.


Project Initiated January 2020

Current status: Ongoing



Andrew Simon | IMERSS Labs

Quentin Cronk, Linda Jennings | Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Harvey Janszen, Caitlin Robinson, Alexander Wright

Marta Donovan, Jenifer Penny | BC Conservation Data Centre